What People are saying about focus your locus

“This book is engaging, easy-to-read, and full of new and refreshing ideas.  The Focus theme throughout the book is well developed in a logical and organized fashion and is backed up with lots of examples, theories, and pertinent activities.  Those willing to delve more deeply into the psychological and philosophical aspects of facilitation will appreciate and enjoy Mike and Justin’s considerable knowledge of their subject.”
–Nicki Hall, Board of directors, High Five Learning Center, VT

“A common vision and a feeling of belonging to an organization are the major attributes leading to genuine school improvement and thus student achievement. To this end, time understanding the theory and implementing the practical as described in Focus Your Locus is well worth the time of any educator or school administrator.”

–Taran Gruber, Vice Principal, Oliver Ellsworth Elementary, Windsor, CT

“Facilitating a group is a journey that must be taken one initiative at a time… and each step of the journey is captured in this book.”
–Anthony Gronski, YMCA Camp Director

“I would recommend this book to anyone who works with groups that need to better focus their collective and individual efforts.  It describes several theories of focus and influence and has a good selection of hands-on activities to make it come to life.” 
–Sam Sikes, DoingWorks

“I’ve been an elementary and junior high teacher for 36 years. Though this book might be targeted at adventure program folks, it’s important for classroom teachers, as well. It is filled with many concrete ideas to help a classroom group of children become more fully engaged.  As a classroom teacher and former adventure course instructor, I know how we are all crunched for time.  Using these techniques will enable the students to learn how to focus and thus become more fully involved in the learning process from the beginning of class on through.”
–Doug Cramphin, Teacher, History Department Head, Renbrook School,
West Hartford, CT, Ropes Course Instructor for 30 years



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